14 months… going on 14 years….

I swear it’s like having a three foot tall teenager sometimes! Nadia is sassy, opinionated, and independent. VERY INDEPENDENT. It’s fun to watch her turning into her own little person.

Nadia has really started getting into her bedtime stories over the last few weeks. She laughs when we make funny noises and loves to look at all the pictures. Her favorite books right now are the Pigeon books by Mo Willems.

She knows noses and belly buttons if you ask…. Although beware, because she loves finding other people’s belly buttons! She’ll pull up your shirt in a heartbeat to find yours!

Nadia has also started imitating a lot of the things she sees us do. She will yell “tee!” (three) if you start counting. She loves picking up things and putting them in the trash, throwing toilet paper in the toilet, pretending to brush her hair, and finding washcloths to wipe down random surfaces. She will even pretend to read to herself when she gets her books out!

img_0355.jpegimg_0358.jpeg  Too cool for school. Wuzzup bear?