15 and 16 months

Pictures have been tricky to get the last couple of months! Hectic schedules combined with Nadia’s newfound knowledge of the word “no” has made life interesting, to say the least! Honestly, this picture really sums up the last two photo sessions:

I asked Nadia if she would sit next to the bear. “Mmmm… no.” Got that response on several occasions. Sometimes she’d mix it up and say, “Uh-uh.” Cooperation wasn’t nearly as much fun as climbing!

We did get a few good pictures though.

Language has been Nadia’s biggest milestone the last couple of months. She says a lot more words, including no, uh-uh, okay, hey, cat, and shhh. She’ll also ask, “Dat?” which is her way of asking “What’s that?” She’ll also say “A-B?” which is her way of asking you to sing the ABC song. 

Even more than what Nadia says is what she understands. She’ll follow instructions if you tell her to wipe her face, throw something away, get the remote, get the ball, or find her sippy cup. She can point to body parts and will look for the cat if you ask her where it is. If you tell her she needs shoes, she knows to climb in the chair so you can put them on her. If you ask if she’s hungry, she’ll run over to her high chair. 

Probably the sweetest thing though is how snugly and affectionate she’s gotten lately. She’s always been a sweet kid, but it’s even more so the last few weeks. She loves to give us hugs and will give kisses if you ask her for “sugar.” Sometimes she’ll stop playing just to run over and give us a hug, then go right back to what she was doing! She’s also learned how to use hugs to her advantage! If you tell her it’s bedtime, suddenly she wants lots of big hugs from both of us!

Nadia LOVES her My Pal Violet that my grandmother gave her a while back. Violet sings and talks, and Nadia sleeps with her at every nap and bedtime. (Talk about panic the one time we couldn’t find her! That was a rough nap that day.) What’s cutest of all is that when Nadia goes to bed or first wakes up, you can hear her “talking” to Violet. They have some deep heart-to-hearts and even some sing-a-longs! Every morning when she gets up, Nadia gives Violet a big hug before putting her back in the crib. She loves her so much!