17 months

If I had to sum up 17 months in two words, it would be hard to choose between “so sweet” and “spectacularly uncooperative.” Because Nadia’s independent streak definitely makes for some struggles of will, but at the same time, she is more affectionate by the day!

It can be a little difficult to notice in these pictures, but Nadia had another milestone this month– her first haircut! Haircut is a strong word though… I just trimmed the hair in front to give her bangs. The hair in front was all in her eyes, and it was too wispy to stay put without a headband or hair bow… Both of which Nadia would pull out within minutes. Bangs were the only other option. Once she’s a little older and more willing to leave things in her hair, we may let them grow out again. She did really good when we trimmed her hair– no tears or anything! Marlin held her still while I took a pair of kids’ safety scissors to those wispy bits (safety scissors so if she jerked her head, she wouldn’t get poked with pointy scissors). And voilĂ ! Bangs!

Like I mentioned in the last post, Nadia has started using “big hugs” to delay bed time…. Little does she know, we take advantage of it! Marlin and I have started taking turns putting her to bed so that we each get some snuggle time with our sweet girl. She may be getting bigger by the day, but 5 or 10 minutes of her snuggled into my shoulder reminds me that she’ll always be my baby! (Getting a little teary here– darn pregnancy hormones!)