18 month photos: Better late than never?

So Nadia not only had a cold, but she caught an ear infection as a result. Needless to say, she was not feeling very cooperative for 18 month pictures. But we finally got some good ones now that she is better– just a few days before she turns 19 months old! But better late than never!


Nadia is saying “Cheeeeeeeee!” It fits perfectly, because the theme of 18 months has definitely been WORDS. Lots of them. We’ve said for several months that she understood a ton of what we said, but she didn’t say the words herself. That has all changed in the last few weeks. Nadia is literally saying new words every day. Some of the latest words/phrases are cheese, all clean, Bubba (her grandparents’ dog), shoes, cookie, eye, bye-bye, please, night-night, good, ball, baby, book, Bible…. and last but certainly not least, the dreaded MINE. Everything is MINE.

I don’t think Nadia understands that she’s got a sibling on the way, but she is excited about her new “big girl” room. We decided the new baby would take Nadia’s current room, and we turned the office into Nadia’s new room. We are in the process of painting the furniture and getting everything together. It is going to be decorated in My Little Pony, Nadia’s favorite! Our goal is to have the room done by the end of August so that Nadia can go ahead and move in. That way she won’t have all her major life changes set in at once. She’ll have her new room for a couple of months before the new baby gets here. We also talked to the children’s director at church, and they are going to let Nadia stay in her current class for a couple of extra months instead of moving her up at Christmas. She loves Ms. Kathy and Ms. Lynne, and we are hoping that staying in a familiar environment when the baby first gets here will ease the transition to being a big sister for her.