Almost 2, almost a big sister!

IMG_9019Just a few more weeks until Nadia is a BIG SISTER! We’ve told her she’s going to have a baby sister, but we’re pretty sure it’s not quite clicking. She does love rubbing my belly and saying, “Dat’s da bay-bay!” (Oh my gosh, the way she says baby is SO cute!) We got a baby doll to give her once Nora is born so that she can pretend to take care of her own baby. She’s really gotten into the pretend thing lately. Even though she hates the doctor, she has so much fun pretending to be a doctor to us and her stuffed animals.

Nadia talks a LOT now. Still plenty we don’t understand, but she knows how to ask for the big things in life…. juice, tea, apples, cheese, cookies. She LOVES sweet tea. Luckily we only make decaf tea at our house, so a little bit that’s been watered down is okay for her to drink. She even says sentences now! (“I got tea!” “I wan walk.”)

Nadia has been sleeping in her “big girl” room for a while now. There’s still a few finishing touches that need to be made to the decorations, but nothing that prevents her from sleeping in there. She loves her new big crib. Lots of room for “jumpa jumpa jumpa!” Most mornings she doesn’t even want to get out of her crib. She just wants us to sit in there with her while she plays in her crib.

Even though Nadia has a tomboyish streak (she loves to run and climb), she is still very much a girly-girl. She has so much fun putting bracelets on, and she beams so big when she gets to wear her princess nightgowns. She loves to twirl in them, and if you ask if she’s a princess too, she points at her dress and smiles.


Sorry all the pictures are blurry, by the way. Nadia really likes to take selfies, so we either have to make each picture a selfie, or we have to take it super fast before she tries to run over and grab the phone so she can take it herself. That’s also why we haven’t been able to get the monthly pictures with the bear for the last couple of months. She does not want to sit still for even one photo any more!