Happy 4th of July!

Normally we visit Misty’s family for the 4th of July, but Nora got really sick last week and just wasn’t up to traveling, so we decided to postpone our trip. Instead, we grilled hamburgers with our friends, took nice long naps, and then went to the river to watch the city fireworks display. Nadia loved watching them, but she was happier staying in the car. I don’t think she liked the noise. In her words: “Dey yittle scare me. I not yeave car.” But afterwards she kept happily telling us about all the fireworks she saw “like in Panda” (Kung Fu Panda, currently a favorite movie). And she had fun playing with some cheap fireworks in the driveway– we made sure to choose things that didn’t make any noise.

Happy 4th of July from our two little firecrackers!