Kids and God

Part of our bedtime routine is that we read a story out of one of Nadia’s kid Bibles each night before bed, then we say bedtime prayers. It’s fun to see her getting into the Bible stories– she loves to point out that Goliath is a “bad guy” or demonstrate how the giant fish spit out Jonah. Nadia also adds in people she wants to pray for (usually her grandparents, her aunt and uncle, or one of her friends). Tonight she even insisted that we pray that she gets to watch Kung Fu Panda tomorrow! 

It’s also fun because we’ve started laying the groundwork for talking about who God is. Explaining God to an adult isn’t very easy, so imagine trying to explain God to a two year old who takes things very literally!

The first thing we’ve started with is how big God is. Nadia will stretch out her arms and say, “God super big!” 

Then Marlin told her that God is so big that he is everywhere. So naturally, her two year old brain decided to look for God under her bed. Needless to say, she was confused when she didn’t find him there! So I told Marlin to say God can see everything instead– easier for her to wrap her mind around. It’s turned into a little game, where before we pray we’ll say that God is big and sees everything, and then she lists things God can see. Common ones are her bed, her toys, the cat, Mommy and Daddy’s room, the dark outside, and the baby. Then there was tonight….

Me: Nadia, what do you remember about God?

Nadia: God so so big!

Me: Yes, that’s right! God is sooo big and he can see everything!

Nadia (looking around her room): God see my bed? My baby doll?

Me: Yes, God can see all that.

Nadia (looking around to her clean laundry basket): God see my socks?

Me: Yes, God can even see your socks.

Nadia (suddenly frowning): No, my socks! No see! 

Nadia then proceeds to run to her laundry basket and hide her socks so that God can’t see them anymore. You know, because God might try to take them or something. (In case you hadn’t noticed, Nadia loves socks.)

Life is never dull with this girl– she never ceases to make us laugh!