Nadia’s favorite Easter gift

Nadia got lots of fun things in her Easter basket– ring pops, new socks, lip gloss, a new magnadoodle, toy ponies– but her favorite was definitely her photo book. We got a pink sparkly photo album for her and filled it with the pictures of her family (including pets) as well as some of her adventures like seeing a cow, a goat, chickens, a fire truck, and a helicopter. She loves looking through it. She even sits next to Nora and shows her all the pictures!

Some of the people she names in this clip are Mormor and Papaw (“Momock” and “Papock”), Grandmomma and Granddaddy (“Ginny-mama” and “Gin-dayee”), Granny (“Ginny”), Aunt Nikki and Uncle Zach (“Nikanik” and “Yak”), Grandmomma’s cat Callie (“Cayee”), and Mormor and Papaw’s dogs Mick and Bubba.