Play dates and friends!

When I was pregnant with Nora, my sister happened to be in the middle of moving. So not only did she give my my nephew’s old crib, she also gave us a ton of hand-me-down clothes for both boys and girls (since she had both and I didn’t know what we were having yet). Once I found out we were having a Nora and not an Andrew, I had all these boy clothes my sister didn’t want back. So I asked our church’s children’s director if there were any other pregnant moms at our church who were expecting a boy… and that’s how I met Christina.

Christina’s kids are a perfect age match to ours– Grace and Rafe are both just a couple months older than Nadia and Nora. Once our tinies had their first round of shots, we started planning a play date! Now we get together just about every week (as our schedules and kids’ sicknesses allow).

Naturally, Nora and Rafe are pretty oblivious to eat other, but Nadia and Grace have become fast friends! Nadia is constantly asking when she can play with Grace again, and even though at age two they do more of the “parallel play,” they have so much fun together. It’s also been good for Nadia as far as learning to share and whatnot (you’d think goldfish crackers were made of real gold the way she tries to hoard them).

It makes me so happy to see pictures like these with my sweet girl making friends!