Almost 2, almost a big sister!

IMG_9019Just a few more weeks until Nadia is a BIG SISTER! We’ve told her she’s going to have a baby sister, but we’re pretty sure it’s not quite clicking. She does love rubbing my belly and saying, “Dat’s da bay-bay!” (Oh my gosh, the way she says baby is SO cute!) We got a baby doll to give her once Nora is born so that she can pretend to take care of her own baby. She’s really gotten into the pretend thing lately. Even though she hates the doctor, she has so much fun pretending to be a doctor to us and her stuffed animals.

Nadia talks a LOT now. Still plenty we don’t understand, but she knows how to ask for the big things in life…. juice, tea, apples, cheese, cookies. She LOVES sweet tea. Luckily we only make decaf tea at our house, so a little bit that’s been watered down is okay for her to drink. She even says sentences now! (“I got tea!” “I wan walk.”)

Nadia has been sleeping in her “big girl” room for a while now. There’s still a few finishing touches that need to be made to the decorations, but nothing that prevents her from sleeping in there. She loves her new big crib. Lots of room for “jumpa jumpa jumpa!” Most mornings she doesn’t even want to get out of her crib. She just wants us to sit in there with her while she plays in her crib.

Even though Nadia has a tomboyish streak (she loves to run and climb), she is still very much a girly-girl. She has so much fun putting bracelets on, and she beams so big when she gets to wear her princess nightgowns. She loves to twirl in them, and if you ask if she’s a princess too, she points at her dress and smiles.


Sorry all the pictures are blurry, by the way. Nadia really likes to take selfies, so we either have to make each picture a selfie, or we have to take it super fast before she tries to run over and grab the phone so she can take it herself. That’s also why we haven’t been able to get the monthly pictures with the bear for the last couple of months. She does not want to sit still for even one photo any more!

18 month photos: Better late than never?

So Nadia not only had a cold, but she caught an ear infection as a result. Needless to say, she was not feeling very cooperative for 18 month pictures. But we finally got some good ones now that she is better– just a few days before she turns 19 months old! But better late than never!


Nadia is saying “Cheeeeeeeee!” It fits perfectly, because the theme of 18 months has definitely been WORDS. Lots of them. We’ve said for several months that she understood a ton of what we said, but she didn’t say the words herself. That has all changed in the last few weeks. Nadia is literally saying new words every day. Some of the latest words/phrases are cheese, all clean, Bubba (her grandparents’ dog), shoes, cookie, eye, bye-bye, please, night-night, good, ball, baby, book, Bible…. and last but certainly not least, the dreaded MINE. Everything is MINE.

I don’t think Nadia understands that she’s got a sibling on the way, but she is excited about her new “big girl” room. We decided the new baby would take Nadia’s current room, and we turned the office into Nadia’s new room. We are in the process of painting the furniture and getting everything together. It is going to be decorated in My Little Pony, Nadia’s favorite! Our goal is to have the room done by the end of August so that Nadia can go ahead and move in. That way she won’t have all her major life changes set in at once. She’ll have her new room for a couple of months before the new baby gets here. We also talked to the children’s director at church, and they are going to let Nadia stay in her current class for a couple of extra months instead of moving her up at Christmas. She loves Ms. Kathy and Ms. Lynne, and we are hoping that staying in a familiar environment when the baby first gets here will ease the transition to being a big sister for her.

Happy 4th of July!

Nadia wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July and share some big, big news……


Nadia is excited to announce that her new sibling is a……


That’s right! Nadia is going to have a little SISTER! Her name will be Nora Grace. We are super excited. We secretly hoped for another girl. Girls are so much fun, plus since Misty has a sister only 17 months younger than her, she knows what a special relationship sisters close in age can have. (Plus we already have a ton of cute girl stuff!) We hope that Nadia loves being a big sister to Nora!

Can you believe it? 18 months!

Happy 18 months from this little monkey! We haven’t taken her 18 month pictures yet because she came down with a yucky cold last week…. and red, watery eyes and a runny nose do not make for good pictures. As soon as she is feeling a little better, we will take pictures and post a full update. In the mean time, here is a picture of her a few days before she got sick– climbing Mount Laundry!


Beach Trip (Part 2)

Day three of our trip was just as fun as day two! (Again, day one was mostly driving. Bleh.) The first part of the day involved a trip to local restaurant for Sunday brunch. We didn’t get any pictures there, but Nadia really liked her waffles and fruit! (The “seasonal fruit” included blueberries, her favorite!) Afterwards, we threw on our swimsuits and headed to the beach!

Nadia was no longer intimidated by the water. She grabbed her dada by the hand and dragged him down there!


A little seaweed in the water didn’t keep us away!


Sifting for sea shells…


Dinner at Pompano Joes! Can you tell this little girl loves her dada?


Yep, this kid eats calamari (and loves it)!


Watching the fireworks over the harbor. It was a great day!



Beach Trip (Part 1)

So over Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip down to Destin– Nadia’s first time at the beach! She had a lot of fun while we were down there. One thing we invested in before we left was a waterproof, sand-proof digital camera so that we could take lots of pictures without worrying about ruining a phone or camera.

There are sooooo many pictures to share, so I’m going to break up the posts to make it a little easier. We’ll actually start with day 2 of our vacation. (Day 1 was mostly driving and stopping at various McDonald’s for potty breaks.) So without further ado, vacation day 2!

Nadia’s first look at the ocean…. she’s not sure what she thinks about this yet….


Stepping into the ocean for the first time….


Digging in the sand… big fun!


Scoop scoop!


Looking at the airplane with Dada…


Trying to tickle Momma….


She liked the camera!


Beach babe….


Got brave and decided to try the ocean again!


Yes, we like it!


Even when we get splashed by the waves!


I promise this is my fun face!


Mega fun in the ocean!


After a couple hours at the beach, we went back inside the condo for cooling off, lunch, and naps. Next stop? Ice cream!

Nadia’s ice cream had blueberry sauce mixed in. Mmmmm!


She might have made a little bit of a mess!


After our yummy snack (and an outfit change for Nadia) we decided to take Nadia to one of our favorite (little-known) places in Destin… Norriego Point! It’s on the Destin Harbor, so the water is calm, and there’s tons of wildlife around.

Isn’t it beautiful?


We brought along the net and caught a few crabs for Nadia to look at!


I’m gonna catch something!


She really wanted to be friends with the birds…. much to her dismay, they did not want to be friends with her.


She liked wading in the nice, calm water….


Dada wrote her name in the sand!


Stay tuned for part two of our beach adventure!

17 months

If I had to sum up 17 months in two words, it would be hard to choose between “so sweet” and “spectacularly uncooperative.” Because Nadia’s independent streak definitely makes for some struggles of will, but at the same time, she is more affectionate by the day!

It can be a little difficult to notice in these pictures, but Nadia had another milestone this month– her first haircut! Haircut is a strong word though… I just trimmed the hair in front to give her bangs. The hair in front was all in her eyes, and it was too wispy to stay put without a headband or hair bow… Both of which Nadia would pull out within minutes. Bangs were the only other option. Once she’s a little older and more willing to leave things in her hair, we may let them grow out again. She did really good when we trimmed her hair– no tears or anything! Marlin held her still while I took a pair of kids’ safety scissors to those wispy bits (safety scissors so if she jerked her head, she wouldn’t get poked with pointy scissors). And voilĂ ! Bangs!

Like I mentioned in the last post, Nadia has started using “big hugs” to delay bed time…. Little does she know, we take advantage of it! Marlin and I have started taking turns putting her to bed so that we each get some snuggle time with our sweet girl. She may be getting bigger by the day, but 5 or 10 minutes of her snuggled into my shoulder reminds me that she’ll always be my baby! (Getting a little teary here– darn pregnancy hormones!)

15 and 16 months

Pictures have been tricky to get the last couple of months! Hectic schedules combined with Nadia’s newfound knowledge of the word “no” has made life interesting, to say the least! Honestly, this picture really sums up the last two photo sessions:

I asked Nadia if she would sit next to the bear. “Mmmm… no.” Got that response on several occasions. Sometimes she’d mix it up and say, “Uh-uh.” Cooperation wasn’t nearly as much fun as climbing!

We did get a few good pictures though.

Language has been Nadia’s biggest milestone the last couple of months. She says a lot more words, including no, uh-uh, okay, hey, cat, and shhh. She’ll also ask, “Dat?” which is her way of asking “What’s that?” She’ll also say “A-B?” which is her way of asking you to sing the ABC song. 

Even more than what Nadia says is what she understands. She’ll follow instructions if you tell her to wipe her face, throw something away, get the remote, get the ball, or find her sippy cup. She can point to body parts and will look for the cat if you ask her where it is. If you tell her she needs shoes, she knows to climb in the chair so you can put them on her. If you ask if she’s hungry, she’ll run over to her high chair. 

Probably the sweetest thing though is how snugly and affectionate she’s gotten lately. She’s always been a sweet kid, but it’s even more so the last few weeks. She loves to give us hugs and will give kisses if you ask her for “sugar.” Sometimes she’ll stop playing just to run over and give us a hug, then go right back to what she was doing! She’s also learned how to use hugs to her advantage! If you tell her it’s bedtime, suddenly she wants lots of big hugs from both of us!

Nadia LOVES her My Pal Violet that my grandmother gave her a while back. Violet sings and talks, and Nadia sleeps with her at every nap and bedtime. (Talk about panic the one time we couldn’t find her! That was a rough nap that day.) What’s cutest of all is that when Nadia goes to bed or first wakes up, you can hear her “talking” to Violet. They have some deep heart-to-hearts and even some sing-a-longs! Every morning when she gets up, Nadia gives Violet a big hug before putting her back in the crib. She loves her so much!

Big news!

Something we thought was completely impossible was definitely possible for God…. Nadia is going to be a big sister this November! We are so excited that she will have a sibling, and that they’ll only be two years apart!  


Exploring the zoo!

Marlin took the day off so that we could enjoy a beautiful spring day at the zoo together! Nadia had so much fun! She especially loved all the birds. She had a lot of fun playing in the lorikeet enclosure and looking at the flamingos. Other animals that she really like included the squirrel monkeys and the tiger. She also had fun in the farm area– she got to pet a goat! The train ride and the carousel were also big hits.

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